Gothamist loves us some TV, and we've been there for Friends for a decade (which then makes us realize why some things aren't getting done), but the Friends finale hype has finally broken our souls: We were on the backlash, but now Gothamist has surrendered. We will watch on Thursday to see all loose plots tied up neatly and with some innuendo...we've been watching the past few weeks and seen that the stories are boring and characters are treading water, but Gothamist has been watching, damnit. It would serve us right if they were clever enough to pull the "It was all a dream" scam. Sigh. TV Land will go dark on May 6, plus air a "Before They Were 'Friends'" retrospective before the finale, with each one of the Friends' pre-Friends sitcom appearances, (Matt LeBlanc on "Just the Ten of Us," Jennifer Aniston on "Ferris Bueller," David Schwimmer on "The Wonder Years," Matthew Perry on "Who's the Boss?" and Courteney Cox on "Family Ties." What, no Matthew Perry on "Sydney" as Valerie Bertinelli's brother - or love interest - we never could tell - or as "Chazz Russell" in "Second Chance"?).

Gothamist is more interested in what happens on some other shows, so we're tracking the dates of some other finales to note, thanks to Zap2it's Season Finales roundup...we're more interested in Scrubs, The O.C., Angel, and Law & Order (which didn't make their list).

Tuesday, May 4
9:30 p.m. "Scrubs" (NBC)

Wednesday, May 5
9 p.m. "The O.C." (FOX)

Thursday, May 6
9 p.m. "Friends" (NBC; series finale; one hour, preceded by one-hour retrospective)

Sunday, May 9
8 p.m. "Survivor: All-Stars" (CBS; two hours, followed by one-hour reunion show)

Monday, May 10
8 p.m. "The Parkers" (UPN; series finale)
9 p.m. "Everwood" (The WB)

Tuesday, May 11
9 p.m. "One Tree Hill" (The WB)
10 p.m. "NYPD Blue" (ABC)

Wednesday, May 12
9 p.m. "I'm Still Alive" (UPN)

Thursday, May 13
9 p.m. "Frasier" (NBC; series finale; one hour, preceded by one-hour retrospective)

Sunday, May 16
10 p.m. "The Practice" (ABC; series finale)

Monday, May 17
8 p.m. "7th Heaven" (The WB)
9:30 p.m. "Half and Half" (UPN)

Tuesday, May 18
8 p.m. "8 Simple Rules" (ABC; one hour)
8 p.m. "Gilmore Girls" (The WB)
9:30 p.m. "Less Than Perfect" (ABC)
10 p.m. "Judging Amy" (CBS)

Wednesday, May 19
8 p.m. "Smallville" (The WB)
9 p.m. "The Bachelor" (ABC; two hours)
9 p.m. "The King of Queens" (CBS)
9 p.m. "Angel" (The WB; series finale)

Thursday, May 20
9 p.m. "CSI" (CBS)
10 p.m. "Without a Trace" (CBS)

Friday, May 21
8 p.m. "George Lopez" (ABC; one hour)
8 p.m. "Joan of Arcadia" (CBS)
9 p.m. "JAG" (CBS)