Photo via Welcome To Twin Peaks

Welcome To Twin Peaks, the website that brought Agent Dale Cooper to Coney Island recently, is now inviting you to transform your own hometown into Twin Peaks, albeit on a very small scale and with less surrealism. They explain:

"We’re inviting fans around the world to discover Twin Peaks in their own towns and cities. Here’s how you can participate in the Welcome to Twin Peaks project we’re launching today:

  • Take the album cover out of your Soundtrack from Twin Peaks album, or print it out if you don’t have the CD (download the image here).
  • Take the cover/cutout on the road while humming “Dance Of The Dream Man” and try to blend the image into your surroundings. Even if you live on a beach.
  • Found a great spot? Then take a photo (or multiple photos) and share it on our Facebook page, Twitter (use hashtag #welcometotwinpeaks) or Instagram (tag it with #welcometotwinpeaks) and don’t forget to mention your location (city + country).

New York: Represent! We want to see a Twin Peaks Brooklyn Bridge, a Twin Peaks Rockaway, a Twin Peaks Times Square...