Awesome: A turkey is currently living at outside the American Museum of Natural History. From WABC 7:

Yesterday, this very same bird was spotted across the street in Central Park. Apparently it crossed Central Park West without being hit by a car.

The museum people hope the turkey decides to return to the park where it can roam a little more free.

Oh, my God - we are totally going to ask, "Why did the turkey cross the road?" all day. A few days ago, someone wrote on Gothamist Contribute that a turkey had flown into a parking garage at Trump Place at West 68th Street, but then it wandered into Riverside Park. We wonder if it's the same turkey - or if there are more than we realize, as there is definitely one in Morningside Park, one in Battery Park and one in Riverside.

And now we've got Hal David and Burt Bachrach's "Turkey Lurkey Time" stuck in our head, which then makes us think about Chicken Little...which was a movie from Disney, owner of ABC...this turkey must be part of some sort of media conglomerate conspiracy, Eyewitness News van racing up there or not!