Can love bloom on a baseball/soccer field? Early signs point to no: the Yankees have already started complaining about sharing their precious, precious grass with NYCFC.

The Yankees planted the narrative at spring training yesterday, with Mark Teixeira telling the Wall Street Journal that the ground-share will “definitely cause an issue, but it’s nothing that we can control, so we can’t worry about it. It’s terrible for a field.” Infielder Brendan Ryan detailed how he'd have to change his fielding style to avoid "trying to read some hop that’s unpredictable" - and he loves soccer!

Back in the Bronx, as NYCFC held their first ever media day, coach Jason Kreis tried to uproot the concerns:

"My reaction is one of non-understanding, to be frank with you, because I have never played baseball at a high level. So I don’t know what it means to want the grass to be a certain way in baseball. I certainly know what it means to want the grass to be a certain way in soccer. We want the field to be as pristine as we can. Natural grass surface with a tightly mowed grass can be one of the most enjoyable surfaces to play on. We want the same thing for our surface, but for me to try to understand or comprehend somebody's comments who plays the sport at a high level, it's not my place, if that makes sense.”

But some nefarious sports reporter dared to look behind the strategically placed curtains at Yankee Stadium. And then the NYDN sent a damn helicopter (sports journalism: SERIOUS BUSINESS) over Yankee Stadium, showing the field is an incomplete mess.

Of course, the field is a mess. Perhaps it's lost on some that we only just stopped being Siberia a few days ago. We're less worried about the Yankees dealing with unpredictable hops and more about David Villa's ankles. Is whatever sod they slap down going to set properly in time for Sunday's Historic Home Opener™, especially with rain forecast for Friday and Saturday?

If you'd like to engage in some wild horticultural observation—or just watch some soccer—tickets are still available for the NYCFC home opener, as the club opened all of Yankee Stadium for the match.