2006_03_arts_airguitar.jpgWe've seen you do it. Your favorite guilty pleasure 80's hair band song comes on the jukebox and you immediately get in to air guitar positioning. Closing your eyes, raising your arms, curling your fingers around the guitar that only you can see. You are our favorite person in the bar. You embrace your love of music, you don't care what anyone thinks, and you totally rip on that solo. So we hope you heard about the Air Guitar Championships.

The 2006 US Air Guitar Regional Heats kick off tonight at the Knitting Factory, and they are totally serious...

After winning the World Championships in 2004 and 2005, The USA placed no better than 7th in last year's world championships. This year, Team USA is redoubling its efforts in the annual search for the greatest air guitarist in all the land.

Regional competitions will be held in at least 10 cities nationwide. One winner from each regional will be flown to New York City in June 2006 to compete for the title of US Air Guitar Champion. The winner of the US Finals will win a trip to Finland to represent the USA in the 11th annual Air Guitar World Championships. US Air Guitar is an official member of the World Air Guitar Association and each year sends the US Air Guitar Champion to compete for the world title in Oulu, Finland.

Whoa, remember when air guitar was just for fun? For more information and fine print, check out the official website. And remember, as they say in the air guitar biz, "The Axes Are Invisible....The Chops Are For Real."

Tonight // 9:30pm // The Knitting Factory [74 Leonard St] // $10 adv, $15 dos