The Fab FiveThere was a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy casting call in Queens yesterday, and many straight guys showed up, hoping for the chance to get the Queer treatment. The show's casting director, Maura Tighe, told Newsday that "having an upcoming event to look forward to is the most important factor for a makeover candidate. The show is not just for guys who want some new clothes, furniture or interior decorating tips. We're looking for straight guys, both single and married, of all ages and backgrounds to help become more stylish, more cultured and more desirable straight men." The Daily News mentions a straight guy named Captain Caveman whom Newsday also noted. Obviously, he made himself look like the total Straight Guy ready for some Queer Eyes to reporters.

See how to get on the show and look at the questionnaire. And let's talk for a moment about John from the last episode. How cute was he? Hilton is suspicious that he has actorly-modeling aspirations, but who cares - he was hot. (But he need not speak.)

And in further proof of the Queering of America, Jay Leno will get made over by the Fab Five on August 14! Now, as hokey as Jay Leno is, that is certainly Must See TV (it will be an NBC special).

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