Trustocorp Spread Fake Gossip Magazines Throughout City

Two of the faux-magazines
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Two of the faux-magazines via DailyWhat

Trustocorp have been developing quite the reputation with their public art projects, from street signs advising you to cheer up to street signs notifying you that you're lame, from indictments of reality TV shows to warnings not to feed the hispters. Now, they've unveiled their newest project: they’ve gone into magazine stands, bookstores and pharmacies throughout Hollywood, Manhattan, Williamsburg, LAX and JFK to mix copies of their fake gossip rags, featuring pregnant Donald Trump, a sexed-up Sarah Palin, and an overdosed Lindsay Lohan, in with the real ones. Unlike their other projects, which were somewhat passive in nature, this "intervention" seems harder for the consumers of tabloid culture to ignore. If you see any of the fake magazines on newsstands, send us a picture at

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