When you think about it, the Republican National Convention is just like a music festival—drunk people who paid too much money to be here listening to over-exposed celebrities playing their greatest hits (misogyny, hatred of the Other, guns for everyone). And just like a music festival, the Republican National Convention has a lot of tacky merch for sale.

"Make America Great Again" hats are surely the most popular item on the streets, but other slogans that have been flying off of folding tables include “Jail Hillary” or “Build That Wall.” Surely the strangest of the merchandise include the slogan “Trump That Bitch,” whose precise meaning eludes even the keenest of consumers.

Gabriel Xavi’e traveled up from Florida to sell Trump shirts. While on break from the military, he’s sold shirts from Maine to Houston to Colorado, always selling Trump merchandise. But business has been slow at the RNC, he tells Gothamist.

“The shirts were a lot more popular in the southern states in terms of sales,” Xavi’e said from behind his merch table on West 3rd street in downtown Cleveland. “Trump’s a fucking joke, honestly. I’m making money off him. He’s an entrepreneur, and I’m one too.”

Much of Xavi’e’s family is in the military and he doesn’t buy that Trump really cares about the armed forces. “There’s nothing he’s said that actually lays out how he’s going to help the military, he just says how much he loves it.”

Asked who he’d be voting for in November, Xavi’e replied cryptically, “No one. I’m screwed either way.” Good luck out there!