The Trump Baby Balloon was the big hit of President Trump's visit to the United Kingdom. American activists raised money for the yooge balloon to fly above the president's NJ golf course, but now it's unclear when the inflatable will make it's way over.

The NY Times reports that there's great demand from British museums to add the balloon to their collections, and the outpouring of attention has been unexpected:

The balloon is the work of a group of Londoners, friends who jokingly call themselves Trump babysitters, several of whom work for environmental charities. The blimp’s design is by Matthew Bonner. In his original drawing for it, Mr. Trump was pictured crying, until the friends decided this made him look too sympathetic, Mr. Bonner told the Design Museum in an Instagram interview.

Kevin Smith, one of the group, said in a telephone interview that it had been overwhelmed by interest in the balloon since the president’s visit. The group has received many requests from activists around the world looking to use the balloon, he said, on top of the requests from museums.

“It’s become this sort of iconic image that could define part of Trump’s presidency,” Mr. Smith added.

Another babysitter, Leo Murray, who asked Kevin to design a Trump baby, told the Washington Post, "We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of messages saying, ‘Please come.’ I think there’s a sense that Trump Baby is able to ward off evil."

Besides starting a crowdfunding site for a "Trump Baby World Tour," the Trump (balloon) babysitters are weighing different next steps, including, the Times says, possibly "releasing the balloon’s design under a Creative Commons license so that activists worldwide can use it."

As for the NJ visit, Smith said they spoke to the activists behind that trip but said he and his fellow baby sitters are "a group of friends and volunteers working in their spare time. People have really run themselves to the point of exhaustion while doing this. We’re really keen to make the global tour happen; we just need to step back a little bit and calm down."