Here's a nice thing: A Manhattan couple were married earlier this week while riding a crosstown city bus, surrounded by about 80 friends, an accommodating driver, and a couple of very confused passengers.

OJ Jimenez, an artist and writer, and Kara Mullins, a trends forecaster, made it official on Sunday afternoon while riding through west-bound traffic on 14th Street, NY1 reports. "If there is anyone present today who knows of any reason why this couple shouldn't be married, please get off the bus!" the Universal Life Minister officiant said.

No one did, and the couple happily exchanged vows as family and friends stood on seats and applauded. They were eventually dropped off at West 14th and Washington, for a reception at Le Bain atop the Standard.

According to Jimenez, the bus was the most logical venue for the occasion. "We met on the bus, I proposed to her on the bus, and right when I did it I said, 'You know what? When we get married, let's do it here,'" the 41-year-old groom said, per the Post.

The two first locked eyes 13 years ago, not long after Mullins, the daughter of an Indiana preacher, arrived in New York. But neither made a move until hours later, when Jimenez spotted Mullins standing in a bar just before 4:00 a.m.

“He told me he had seen me on the bus earlier, and I think I just couldn’t deal,” recalled Mullins.

Thirteen years later, Jimenez proposed during one of their regular crosstown bus rides, and the pair quickly decided on the M14 marriage.

They even designed their own MetroCard invitations (after unsuccessfully petitioning the MTA for a swipe-able MetroCard invite), which instructed guests/riders to meet at the beginning of the route, on Columbia and Delancey Streets.

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The real MVPs, according to the couple, were the two MTA bus drivers who ensured that the four-wheeled ceremony went according to plan.

"We figured out that the drivers had the same schedules every week, so we did a dry run the Sunday before," Mullins told the Post. "She arranged it with the guy after her on the schedule, so that she would go first to pick up any people on the route, so we would be clear," Jimenez added. "They were amazing."

After the guests arrived, Jimenez got on the bus at Avenue D, while Mullins joined the celebration on East 10th. Along the way, a couple of good-spirited commuters unknowingly crashed the wedding. "Two ladies got on with me who were just going shopping,” said Jimenez. “They were like, ‘This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my life!’”