News ("news") broke yesterday that an actor named Michal Zegen has been cast to replace "Charlie" on Girls, after Christopher Abbott abruptly departed during production of the third season. Through the graces of social media, we located Alyssa Ritch, who dated Zegen when they were both students at Skidmore College, and interrogated her about what it's like to see an ex-lover depicted on a hit TV show. Listen up, Lena Dunham: This could easily pass for its own, strangely meta plot line on Girls. You can have that one for free. You are welcome.

How long ago did you date? For how long? We dated in college, for about a year.

Are you still friends? He’s still a very good friend, and we have a lot of mutual friends.

How did you hear about his new role on Girls? We’re friends on Facebook, and someone put up a post about it.

Do you watch Girls? I do watch Girls. I think everyone does—even if they don’t like it . We’re all really excited that we know someone on a hit show. He was also on Boardwalk Empire, so I did already get my first taste of seeing my ex on something I watch.

How does it feel? There's a little pang of envy for his success, but at the same time I'm really happy for him. It's the feeling that all performers get when they see their friends succeed.

The "now" photos.

Are you a performer? I have declared myself a failed actress, and now I work in the music business.

What do you hope for his story line on the show? The Facebook post said he might fill the Charlie void—that’s as specific as it got. Basically he's been officially cast to have a role that's more than just one episode. With Charlie gone there needs to be a new hot guy on the show—I think that he would fill that void well.

Any regrets about breaking up? No regrets—we broke up amicably. We moved to different cities after college. It ended good spirits. He’s a wonderful person.