Even (some, not all) MTV stars need their anonymity sometimes, but one momentary bit player says he lost more privacy than he bargained for: he sued the channel for airing his full name and address in scenes for the MTV special "True Life: I'm A Chubby Chaser." Unfortunately for him, a Manhattan judge has tossed the suit.

Tristan Watson says he was featured on the True Life episode (watch the trailer online!) focusing on people who like larger lovers back in 2012. And according to the suit, he was promised by the producers both verbally and in an email that the location of his New York apartment and his full name wouldn't be visible on the show.

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But Watson says neither of those promises were kept; now, he and roommate Nadine Crosbie (who was also on the show) have reportedly been hit with death threats and other forms of harassment since the show aired. "I no longer felt safe leaving my apartment and I lost my job as a result," Watson said in an affidavit. The suit, filed back in 2012, sought $2.5 million from the TV company.

But according to the producers, Watson and Crosbie willingly signed away their rights to privacy in a release, and last month a Manhattan judge agreed. MTV-sparked fame is a fickle thing, innit?