Triumph the Insult Comic Dog never seems to run out of material when it comes to making fun of nerds. Ever since Conan O'Brien and (the man beneath Triumph) Robert Smigel let him loose on the Star Wars fans lined up for the premiere of Attack of the Clones in 2002, sci-fi and comic book fans have been a regular target for Triumph. Last night, Conan showed Triumph's latest trail of terror throughout last weekend's Comic-Con in San Diego. In the video, Triumph himself is astounded at some point that he hasn't run out of fat jokes. Yet no matter how many comic book nerds he goes after for being fat, chronic masturbating virgins, the shtick never seems to get old.

Continue after the jump for video of a speech Triumph gave in San Diego where he encourages the crowd to make the most of this moment and "ask Stan Lee to sign your boners."