Oh, those sensitive Canucks.
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

and Conan O'Brien are public enemies number one after Triumph did what he does best: Insult the hell out of people. Conan's trip to Toronto ruffled Canadian politico's feathers, as evinced by this Times' article, An Insolent Puppet Roils Canadian Politics:

On a taped segment on Thursday night's "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on NBC, the puppet Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited the Winter Carnival in Quebec City and touched the third rail of Canadian politics by telling the Québécois they ought to learn English since they live in North America.
"So you're French and Canadian, yes?" Triumph asked a passer-by in a Continental accent. "You're obnoxious and dull."
If that were not enough teasing along the delicate cultural divide between Francophone and Anglophone Canadians, the puppet told another: "I can tell you're French, you know. You have that proud expression, that superior look." And of a third, rather plump, man the puppet asked: "Are you a separatist? Maybe you should try separating yourself from doughnuts first."

There's also the anti-Conan editorial in the Toronto Star. Charges of racism and hate-mongering continue; Canada's National Post had opposing Canadian opinions:
"I think it was vile and vicious. I think it amounts to hate-mongering." - Alexa McDonough, NDP member of Parliament.
– "It's a guy's hand, that's all I got to say. They shouldn't listen to puppets." - a man in the Elgin Theatre lineup disguised as Robert Goulet.

Exactly. If Canadians were familiar with Triumph's ouevre, they'd realize that they're in the same company as Eminem, Star Wars fans, Jon Bon Jovi, and every other object Triumph comes across. At least the Winnipeg Sun gets it.

Watch some Triumph clips for yourself.