Trying to figure out what to do this Halloween weekend? We've got some ideas that are just slightly better than *bobbing for PBR...

[First off, whatever you decide to do should be done while continually eating candy. Here are a couple of our favorite candy shops: Economy Candy in the LES & Dylan's Candy Bar in fancy pants Uptown.]

Now on to the events...

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgAll Weekend: Go see Shaun of the Dead. It's a romantic comedy. WITH ZOMBIES.
Need we say more? Didn't think so.

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgAll Weekend: Gothamist loves walking tours, especially spooky ones! So here are two options if you share our enthusiasm for them. Historic Fund Halloween Tour of the totally haunted Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. And the Gotham City Ghost Tour, which even stops at the final home of Edgar Allan Poe!

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgTonight, Friday 10/29: Hurry Up Offense and the Suicide Machines are doing their punk-ska thing at the Tribeca Rock Club [It's 16 + and only $12, fun for the whole family! If the whole family is into totally awesome music, that is, and also allowed to go to downtown rock clubs.]

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgSaturday 10/30: Deli's Halloween Party featuring 2 stages, 16 bands, cheap beer! Held @ the Asterisk Art Center, doors are @ 8:30 PM. The $7 cover goes to benefit the Deli - a free publication dedicated to the NYC indie scene.

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgSaturday 10/30: Poull is holding a Mass Appeal Party billed as a Freakish Four Halloween Extravaganza. Held @ Sutra [1st Ave between 1st & 2nd], there will be free Rheingold and Hpnotiq from 9-10pm and a promise of "one in every six drinks being poisoned".

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgSunday 10/31: Close out the weekend of debauchery by waking up on Sunday morning and eating candy for brunch! Then sleep off the sugar crash and head over to Mercury Lounge at 8:30 for These Bones and Sam Champion.

2004_10_artspumpkin.jpgSunday 10/31: An alternative would be to head over to NY's Village Halloween Parade which is fun every year, whether you're watching or walking. Then head over to the Motherfucker Halloween Creepshow Party @ Spirit [West 27th between 10th & 11th]. Wonder which will have more transvestites?

*Still just want to "bob for PBR"? Usually Motor City Bar has that (not that we, like, know personally) so go check it out. Nothing says Halloween like dumping your face in a bucket of stagnant beer water shared with the LES's finest, trying to grasp desperately onto a can of Pabst with your teeth. Right?