The wonderful panorama of New York at the Queens Museum of Art will add The Tribute in Light to the panroma. Panorama of the City will replace its World Trade Center replicas with Tribute in the next few months. QM Executive Director Tom Finkelpearl tells Newsday, "The Panorama itself has got a big following and after Sept. 11 we received many calls asking what would happen to it." Two of the artists who helped develop Tribute, Julian LaVerdiere and Paul Myoda, are directing the new addition. Other facts about the Panorama:

- The 9,355-square-foot display was originally built for the 1964 World's Fair and has more than 900,000 building models.
- Every nine minutes the lights are dimmed to simulate nighttime; tiny bulbs in buildings and two laser beams in place of the towers will illuminate the mini-cityscape.

Gothamist on Tribute in Light