2007_03_money.jpgYou may have noticed that many tickets for the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival are $18, which indieWIRE notes is a 50% jump. The TFF says, "In an effort to continue to provide the best possible experience, we have raised our prices, which have until now been lower than most other festivals." A spokeswoman tells the Post that the festival must spend "a significant amount of money to outfit all theaters it uses with digital projection equipment, and to fly in top-tier talent for personal appearances at screening Q&A's." Plus, people who live in the 'hood can get discounts.

indieWIRE looked at the prices of other film festivals and theater programming in the area: For instance, Gen Art offers $30 tickets, but that includes a party, while SXSW recently charged $8 per ticket. Tickets for New Directors/New Films are $12 ($10 with MoMA or Film Society of Lincoln Center membership). And tickets at the NY Film Festival cost between $16-40 (usually the premiere, centerpiece and closing night films are more expensive). There are, though, rush tickets.

Do more expensive tickets prevent you from seeing films at film festivals? Or are you so interested in the films that it doesn't matter?