tribeca.jpg Tickets for Robert Deniro’s lovechild have gone on sale, offering over 150 films, documentaries, a free movie “drive in”, and an outside street fair. While movies range from the highly praised and much hyped Mad Hot Ballroom, be aware that acclaimed home video actress Paris Hilton’s horror opus House of Wax will also debut. So please, don’t drink and buy tickets. Highlights include:

Tribeca Talks Panel Series:
• The Interpreter – A Conversation with Sydney Pollack (of Tootsie, Sliding Doors, & Out of Africa fame)
• The Juror Breakfasts Hosted by Vanity Fair – A Q&A with jurors as well as interviewees such as Damon Dash, Tom Wolfe, and Barbara Corcoran.
• The Midsize – A Goldilocks look at the “not too big, not too small” movie genre, panelists include Tom Bernard (Sony Pictures Classics), Bob Berney (Newmarket Films), Keri Putnam (HBO Films), Ruth Vitale (Paramount Classics).
• And She Rescues Him Right Back – A discussion on our search for romance, asking if “the new celluloid version of love leaves room for the fairy tale?” Although John Cusack will not be there to explain how he diluted every young woman’s mind, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (Revolution Studios), Lynda Obst (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days) will.

NY, NY Documentary Competition:
• The Brooklyn Connection – How our own growing Brooklyn is the answer to international groups attempting to overthrow their rulers and build their guerilla armies (what, you thought the hipsters didn’t have an agenda?). Based on Stacy Sullivan's Be Not Afraid, For You Have Sons in America, traces Kosovar nationalists buying and shipping military supplies thanks to America's lax gun laws.
• TV Party – A look at Glenn O'Brien's public access show TV Party that aired from 1978 to 1982 and visually celebrated the explosive, pre-Guliani era energy of New York's downtown punk/new wave/graffiti artist scene.
Bowery Dish – A historic documentary illuminating how NYC's infamous Skid Row neighborhood grew from immigrant haven to crack town to a loft/trendy boutique paradise and home to cheesy clubs like Libation.

NY, NY Feature Competition:
Great New Wonderful - Hailed as “the first great 9-11 film,” Danny Leiner's (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) movie tells five different stories set in the WTC aftermath, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal & Edie Falco.
Satellite – Described as an Amelie, but with a New York City edge, it follows a French model actress who falls for a stranger she finds on a midtown street.

Wide Angle:
The Baxter Wet Hot American Summeralum (and Stella member) Michael Showalter’s first directorial debut is a screwball romantic comedy following a man left at the altar. Comedic geniuses Michael Ian Black, David Wain, A.D Miles, as well Paul Rudd star.
George Michael: A Different Story – While you might think you already know everything from VH1’s Behind the Mediocre Music, this documentary features Michael candidly exposing his life and interviews with even more perplexing characters, like Elton John, Mariah Carey, & Boy George.

Special Screening:
Mad Hot Ballroom – A documentary on the competitive 6,000 fourth and fifth graders in the New York City public school system who learn to foxtrot, merengue, rumba, tango. Promises to be 2,031 times better than J.Lo’s Shall We Dance.
Yes – The talented Joan Allen stars as a scientist who embarks on an affair with a Lebanese waiter who turns out to be a one-time surgeon now living in exile.
All We Are Saying – In a quest to understand how one balances life with art, Rosanna Arquette interviews Stevie Nicks, Sting, Steven Tyler, Mary J. Blige, Peter Gabriel, and Joni Mitchell.

2046 – Wong Kar Wai’s futuristic, romantic and dreamy look at memory and regret, chronicles a writer-turned-gigolo seducing four beautiful women.

For further information on showtimes and purchasing tickets, check out The Tribeca Film Festival.