You can already feel reasonably assured that your every movement is being recorded by the flick of a Google Glass-bedecked eyeball, but lest you get too caught up trying to remain un-spied upon outside your home, never forget that there's probably a man crouched against his window snapping photos of you while you scrub your floors.

Artist Arne Svenson will not be getting any Christmas cards this year from the residents in a luxury apartment on Greenwich Street in Tribeca, who unknowingly served as models for photos Svenson shot from his own second floor window, the Post reports. The photos, which don't depict full faces but are creepy as hell nonetheless, will be shown at the Julie Saul Gallery in Chelsea and sell for up to $7,500 each.

Maybe Svenson has something incisive to say about his work? An apology, maybe, for committing such an egregious invasion of privacy? A 20 percent discount? Ha.

Svenson's statement to the tabloid is every bit as bone-chilling as his actions. We weren't there (OR WERE WE?) but we imagine he said the following while sitting in a leather armchair gingerly stroking a hairless cat:

"The neighbors don’t know they are being photographed; I carefully shoot from the shadows of my home into theirs," he rasped, his eyes darting from one side to the other. “I am not unlike the birder, quietly waiting for hours, watching for the flutter of a hand or a movement of a curtain as an indication that there is life within.”

A representative from Julie Saul Gallery declined to comment.