2007_02_arts_trey.jpgWith Trey Anastasio getting in so much trouble lately (see: drug possesion - Hydrocodone, Percocet, Xanax, Heroin), it's nice to see he's not shying away from public appearances outside of the courtroom. Tomorrow night he'll be talking at the 92nd St Y (and maybe playing a few tunes?). Anastasio's most recent release, Bar 17, is a bit of a departure from his last (Shine), with more epic compositions (closer to some of the Phish classics) and 40 musicians participating (including Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman).

We're guessing that the audience Q&A at this event will border on annoying, with questions about a Phish reunion, where to score some H, and probably at least three requests for "Free Bird". If you'd like to catch it, you can buy tickets here.

Looks like he's got a show down in Florida, too, at the Langerado Festival. Let's hope he stays off the drugs! Then this whole thing can blow over, just like former bandmate Mike Gordon's 2003 "incident" involving child endangerment.