There are few artistic endeavors in contemporary pop culture that will stick with you longer than "Trapped In The Closet," R. Kelly's 23-chapter song set and music video series documenting the most madcap one-night stand ever. Now Kelly is trying to bring his magnum opus, asthmatic fighting midgets and all, to the Great White Way. At the NYC premiere of the new "Trapped" chapters at Sunshine Theater last night, he announced that he's begun to turn the series into a Broadway musical.

For the uninitiated: the series, which started in 2005, follows Kelly character "Sylvester" as he becomes entangled in an increasingly complicated sexual encounter with a married woman, and introduces a clown car of shady characters that could almost rival the Petraeus Love Pentagon. Last night two more chapters unfolded in front of the audience, when Kelly announced he'd been approached to translate the whole shebang into a stage show, giving you an even better matinee to take your grandparents to than Evita.

The new chapters will air this Friday on IFC, and if you're craving even more Pimp Lucius and Big Man, Kelly says there are plenty more high-pitched cliffhanger hooks coming our way. "I want everybody to know I've got 85 chapters of 'Trapped in the Closet' waiting in the studio for y'all," he told the crowd... something for which we can all truly give thanks.