2005_07_artsRKelly.jpgGothamist has been wondering why more people aren’t talking about R. Kelly’s epic video saga “Trapped in the Closet”. We found ourselves wondering if it was for real when we saw Part One, and our joy has only grown with each subsequent chapter thanks to its total lack of irony. It's a love story and a moral tale about the merits of putting your phone on vibrate cleaning out your post-coital bed. It also makes us think that if we should ever screw around it might serve us well to hit up the Container Store first so there’s some space for our red-hot lover to hide among the dirty laundry and never used yoga mat. Thankfully someone else has found the comedic value of “Trapped in the Closet”, too. Eric Appel of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater will be presenting a panel of “experts” to watch and discuss the epic saga of love and Christian values that is the Thorn Birds of its time. The panel includes a girl who was sexually involved with R. Kelly prior to her 18th birthday, an NYU professor of relationship studies and Best Week Ever's Paul Scheer.
Trapped in the Closet is at the UCB Theatre this Thursday at Midnight. $5.