This seems kind of typical of the Department of Education: A stained glass window designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany has been hidden in the closet of a Brooklyn public school. And NY1 only discovered it because the station was working on a series about art in the public schools.

The window was installed at Erasmus High School in 1919, but the school was closed in 1994 for poor performance. NY1 reports, " Officials replaced it with three smaller schools that also failed. Those were replaced by five schools. Nobody knows exactly when the library was divided into two classrooms, but a closet was built in front of the stained glass, now only partially visible through two graffiti-covered Plexiglas windows."

Tiffany-designed stained glass windows, depending on size and condition, range in value from the tens of thousands to nearly a million dollars. At this point, the Department of Education would like to restore it but "the budget is maxed out with ongoing projects."

You can see a few of Tiffany's works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.