Is it too soon for transit strike jokes? Hell no! It's never too soon to laugh-- especially in these crazy times, when you don't know if you're even going to make it home without freezing your toes (or worse!) off. Our favorites from last night, courtesy of the News Max roundup:

Jay Leno
- What a crowd. You sound like New York City cab drivers when they heard busses and trains were on strike!
- But you have to admire the spirit of New Yorkers. Since the subways have shut down people are now urinating in elevators and stairwells.

David Letterman
- New York City is in the middle of a transit strike. The bad news is that FEMA is on the way.
- Because of the strike CBS has given all non-essential employees the day off – goodnight!

Conan O'Brien
- New York City is under a transit strike for the first time in 25 years. People aren’t allowed to travel by car in the city unless there’s four people to a car.
- New Yorkers have become so desperate they’re actually talking to their neighbors.

Okay, those all sorta sucked, but let's see you come up with something more amusing-- we double dog dare you! And Conan's transit strike car pool van was great - we loved how his van had to have crap in it, to emulate a subway experience!