Peter Feigenbaum (who you may know from the Brooklyn band Dinowalrus) has created a pretty amazing miniature streetscape of outer-borough New York City circa the 1970s and '80s. Tomorrow his installation will open at the Open Source Gallery—it's called “Trainset Ghetto: Streetsmart.” From the gallery:

Peter will be showing a new series of large-scale photographs based on a site-specific installation of his “Trainset Ghetto” sets on the street in front of the gallery storefront space. The images will feature increasingly bizarre and phantasmagorical juxtapositions of time, scale, and neighborhood architectural vernaculars, in which his invented, rubble-strewn New York City 70s minature slum landscape collides with the almost-gentrified brownstone environment of south Park Slope.

Read an interview with Feigenbaum here, where he explains how he created the piece, which includes parts from a model train set.