2006_07_trailerp2.JPGA real live trailer parked in Soho? We didn't quite know what to expect either, so we headed to the northern tip of Petrosino Square at Lafayette Street and Cleveland Place to see for ourselves. And, from about a block away, walking south on Lafayette, we spotted the metallic silver trailer nestled between some trees on a sliver of concrete just large enough to accommodate it.

"Trailer Park," part of the Storefront for Art and Architecture's PORTABLE exhibition, was created by Brooklyn-based artist Kim Holleman. The trailer, purchased on eBay, measures 18' x 8' x 7' and is made of aluminium (which Holleman stripped and refinished, square foot by square foot, with a wire brush). It took her a year - and 40 cans of automotive spraypaint - to create the piece, which she says addresses the question, "Where are we going to go when there's no more nature?"


When we stepped inside the trailer, we sat first on the concrete bench and then on the one with wood slats. We loved the small garden plants (a cypress topiary, a miniature azalea topiary, two ivies and a miniature evergreen shrub - all watered via a drip irrigation system), the fountain and the skylights, though we didn't spot the hand-collected earthworms and ladybugs.

As we looked out into the street from the serene quiet of Holleman's trailer, we felt quite calm - and we couldn't help thinking that we wouldn't mind spending more time there. If only there were more space, we thought, and then realized that even "Trailer Park" couldn't take us away.


Visit "Trailer Park" for free Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm until August 5. The Storefront for Art and Architecture is around the corner at 97 Kenmare Street.