The irony of living in New York is that in order to truly enjoy the experience, one must also occasionally force themselves to leave. The bigger irony is that though lovely hiking and outdoor opportunities abound, many of them require a car to access. (I'm looking at you, Bear Mountain. No one wants to take a cab to nature.)

Brooklyn-based Gear to Go Outfitters is now offering what it's calling a Trail Taxi, which will transport nature-starved New Yorkers from several locations around Brooklyn and Manhattan and dump them off at the trail head of their choice, assuming the trail head of their choice is located in the Hudson Highlands, Shawangunks or the Catskill Mountains. (And, starting today, Jones Beach.) Bring your friends, lovers and pets! (An additional $25 cleaning fee applies to pets, but will likely also apply to your lover if he or she pees on the seat.)

Like everything in life, Trail Taxi isn't terribly cheap—a round-trip ride to any listed destination is $40, or $20 for just one-way. If you're planning on pulling an Into the Wild, though, consider $20 a small price to pay for freedom from the shackles of society, and an even smaller price compared to the astronomical cab fare back to the city you'll face once you realize your new cave dwelling isn't equipped with WiFi.