With many shows that "suck," NBC will premiere Tracy Morgan's sitcom, The Tracy Morgan, in the Tuesday 8PM time slot on December 2. Take a look at NBC's description of The Tracy Morgan Show:

Morgan stars in the sharp-edged family comedy as father, husband and small-business owner Tracy Mitchell, who, with his beautiful, no-nonsense wife Alicia (Tamala Jones, “Head of State”), share their modest apartment with their two kids, 13-year-old Derrick (Marc John Jefferies, “The Haunted Mansion”) and 7-year-old Jimmy (newcomer Bobb’e J. Thompson). While at work at his auto garage, Mitchell is responsible for his other more dysfunctional family of mechanics -- Spoon (John Witherspoon, “The Wayans Bros.”) and Bernard (Heavy D, “The Cider House Rules”). Every day, they remind Tracy of the headaches of running a business as they contend with neighborhood characters and would-be customers such as Freddie (Katt Williams, “The Friday After Next”).

Hello, hilarity! Jeff Zucker says, "Tracy Morgan has earned a legion of fans from his gallery of memorable characters on ‘SNL,’ and we are giving him a bigger platform in primetime to showcase his likable appeal. Viewers will appreciate his own unusual take and opinions on the craziness that’s part of all of our lives." Gothamist loves Tracy Morgan and we hope this show will not suck, because Jeff Zucker called Coupling "smart and winning" initially.

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