After a campaign to get 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan to join Twitter, he has finally joined—"His rep confirmed to Gossip Cop that he signed up this morning." His Twitter handle: RealTracyMorgan. First Tweet: "Welcome To Tracy Morgans World..." Aw, yeah—maybe now he can Twitter about his fish tanks (like imagine the Tweets he would have sent when they caught fire!) and whatever else pops into his mind.

Update: OMG, Tracy's second Tweet: "my dickhead is shaped liked a darth vadar helmet. my dick is so fat it looks like r2d2."

Update: Parents, boyfriends, everyone, watch out for Tracy Morgan, who strikes again on Twitter: "The wait is over! The black Svengali has arrived! I'm on the street turning good girls bad and getting them pregnant!!!"

Fourth Tweet and we fear Tracy has jumped the shark: "Im a good parent so ill induce the labor." ZZZZZZZZZZZZ