It's been over two years since the harrowing car crash that briefly left him in a coma, but Tracy Morgan has found a way back into comedy. Last night on Conan, which has been filming in NYC this week, Morgan announced that he's forgiven the truck driver who hit his vehicle in 2014, leaving him with injuries that took over a year to heal and killing one of his friends.

"I forgave him and I'm not even mad at him," Morgan said before joking about the crash. "But you know who is mad at him? All my white neighbors." Last year, a still-recovering Morgan moved to a mansion in Alpine, New Jersey.

On June 7, 2014, a WalMart truck driver careened into a Mercedes Benz limousine mini-bus that was carrying Morgan and some of his comedian friends on the New Jersey Turnpike. James McNair was killed, two other passengers were injured, and Morgan fell into a coma and suffered severe brain injuries that took a year to heal. Police said that the driver had dozed off before the crash because he hadn't slept in 24 hours.

Morgan first discussed the deadly crash last year on the Today Show. "I can't believe I'm here, I can't believe I'm in front of you. I can't believe I'm just here, and just seeing the tragedy that happened. It touches me." He got emotional while discussing the death of his friend James McNair, who he called "a comrade in comedy," and said he would return to comedy when he was ready.

Morgan was pretty candid about the incident last night: "I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Pepsi, which is one of the biggest corporations in the world," Morgan said. "She was really nice and I said, 'It would be an honor for me to get hit by one of your trucks.'"

While Conan has never been known for his political material, no one can avoid the election right now. But at least he put his own surreal touch on it in a separate segment:

Since Halloween, Conan has been shooting from the Apollo Theater in Harlem—unfortunately, Conan's uptown run is ending and he's headed back to LA. But we'll always have Harlem.