This isn't your grandmother's tour bus! A new interactive theatrical bus tour has arrived; it's officially hitting the streets next month, but it's being unveiled for preview this Thursday. It's called "The Ride" and it's kind of like the Michael Bay of city tourism.

According to their website, "The Ride takes everything that makes New York, New York and kicks it into overdrive. Riders will board The Ride, a super-sized, technologically amped up vehicle that travels the streets of New York." There are forty video screens incorporated into the bus, as well as 3,000 LED lights, and a sound system that will be simulating sounds of... the city that you are actually in and can probably hear just fine! They list off some specifics of what the system will be used for, notably recreating the sounds of the rumbling subway and thumping nightclubs.

Improv actors will also be on hand during the 75-minute long tour, and according to Crain's, "even local bystanders will be worked into the experience.” What do you think they should include in the tour to give passengers the real NYC experience?