Cute, creepy... this could go either way. A new company called Stuffed in the City promises to give your toy the time of its life in the Big Apple, since you can't afford to, or since you suffer from enochlophobia, or whatever. Like the gnome in Amelie, your toy's trip will be visually documented so you can become increasingly jealous of it as it visits all of the landmarks you wanted to see, and could see if only you didn't spend all of your money on useless stuffed animals! Let's face it, there are a lot of blanks to fill in here, so here's what we're told about the tour (which costs $100):

The company provides tours of the Big Apple for people’s beloved friends… their stuffed animals! “You send us the toy and we do the rest,” says Irina Kot, co-founder of Stuffed in the City. “Your toy meets fellow tourists, takes pictures with New York City landmarks, and gets VIP treatment by our staff."

Toy travelers will have an opportunity to explore the best of this amazing city: Times Square, Grand Central, The Empire State Building and more, all in a "New York Minute," which is the company's signature tour. You will receive a CD with all images taken during the tour, 4x6 print outs, a travel certificate, and a surprise NYC souvenir. Your toy returns enriched, inspired, and grateful.

Yep, this only ends in plushicide... and the spreading of bedbugs.