120208goldfarb.jpgMaybe one blogger can make a difference? Beer enthusiast Aaron Goldfarb has had it with tourists who dare invade our fair city with their money and slow walking. So he's sending a misanthropic message to the world with his NYC tourist blog that these shabbily dressed visitors must be stopped. Or at least mocked. Goldfarb spends his days documenting every Midtown tourist step, profiling them by their tapered jeans or cowboy hats, and snidely imagining their insipid chatter. Also on notice is anyone who eats pancakes or looks at department store holiday windows! His tagline: "Give me your tired, your poor, your disgustingly fat retarded sloths that get in my fucking way every time I try to negotiate midtown." But could it be Goldfarb (pictured here looking touristy with our 43rd president) doth protest too much, and secretly loathes the tourist within?