Woe is the Wall Street Bull, who just can't catch a break these days: he's been on police-enforced lockdown since October thanks to Occupy Wall Street protestors, who've been known to paint his balls with anarchy symbols, amongst other things. Now, lower Manhattan community members are complaining that business is down because the tourists are being scared off by the bull's barricade. How long until Shepherd Fairy screens a limited-edition "Free The Bull" poster?

“One of the most popular monuments and sources of tourism is being kept away from the public,” said Arthur Piccolo, chairman of the Bowling Green Association. “It is an outlandish decision to keep those barricades there. Uncage the bull!” One waiter at a nearby cafe said he's "a little worried" about the lack of tourists in the area, and the cops insist that just because they're paranoid doesn't mean OWS's not after them: “I know they’re mostly gone from the park, but I saw 10 of them here today,” said a cop guarding the bull. “Our thinking is that they might come back and try something. We don’t want anything to happen to the bull.” Right. Because nothing's ever happened to the bull before.