Many tourists might dream of filming a glamorous scene for a hit TV show filming in New York City, but for one Australian tourist that dream became an accidental reality. Kate Robertson, self-proclaimed fan of the CW's long-running, pampered socialite drama Gossip Girl, traveled to the Waldorf-Astoria last Tuesday with the hope of glimpsing one of the show's stars. When none turned up, Robertson finagled her way inside the hotel and managed to slip inside the Grand Ballroom where the show was filming, seating herself amongst extras gathered for a "cotillion ball set."

The Melbourne native told her tale of fortuitous fame to the Daily News, explaining, "I just couldn't believe that I had gotten that far without anyone noticing." From there, it's your typical tale of a Hollywood starlet's rise to fame a long, grueling day as an extra on a TV show set. Though she did get her hair styled "into a chic high bun" and almost got to rub shoulders with the stars, Robertson laments, "It was tedious work. They did retake after retake." Well, we did warn you that extra work isn't glamorous!

Robertson told the News her next step was to crash the set of Girls. Don't forget to don your best hipster attire, Kate.