A common misunderstanding of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is that the term refers to an asset type. Rather, it denotes a connection between an asset and the blockchain. NFTs can be anything: photos, gifs, videos, PDFs, and much more. While ushering in a new era of ownership and monetization, the format also provides an unparalleled opportunity of exploration for creators of every type.

To demonstrate the vast use cases for NFT technology, we’ve curated a virtual gallery for you to explore.

Painting: Dora by Sarah Smalldon

We’re all familiar with the pause and squint at a gorgeous painting in a museum. Do the same with “Dora.” This painting was created with acrylic, pastel, and collage on heavyweight mixed media paper, then scanned and digitally enhanced in Photoshop. View the exclusive listing on Voice.

Gif: Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for 4.0" (S) - Y by Taezoo Park

Gifs have emerged as one of the most popular NFT formats, thanks to their popularity with digital-native creators. Park uses the format to comment on abandoned technology being made anew through digital mediums. View 1 of the 8 available on Voice.

Photography: This Is Water by Mike Pinette

One of the most established art mediums, photography has successfully evolved alongside technology over the decades. It’s no surprise that there are many successful photographers embracing NFTs, like Mike Pinette, who digitally alters his photographs for a distinctive touch. Explore his collection on Voice.

Mixed media: InternetLove by Jacob Tobias

The sky’s the limit when it comes to mixed media. Artists have long played with collage, and digital creation offers additional opportunity. Jacob Tobias produced this work with a 600dpi Flatbed Scan of I-Type Polaroid and MixedMedia Collage Scraps Using DAZED Mag. Explore the layers here.

Digital: The Infoboros by Michael Garfield

With the ability to create anything you imagine, digital artists have been taking the world by storm. One of these creators, Michael Garfield, is a pioneering multimedia A/V performer whose works help cultivate curiosity. Check out his collection on Voice.

Video: PLASTIC_SEA by Christopher Holman

Film has often been used by artists to evoke deep emotion from their audiences — as well as bring awareness to important issues. Holman utilizes video animation to reflect upon the ocean plastics crisis. View the piece here.

PDF: A Love Like This by Konner Moshier

The written word is definitely not center stage in the NFT movement, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a great opportunity for wordsmiths, poets, and storytellers to get in on the action. Moshier uses the medium to tell the tale of a fabled romance. You can read it here.

Audio: Run Away Love (Instrumental) by Rich Hackman

Beyond record deals, live performances, and streams, musicians have limited low-cost ways to earn from their craft. That’s why many artists are exploring NFTs as a way to release exclusive beats for their fans. You can listen to Rich Hackman’s part acapella, part beat-boxing, part piano-concerto, all hip hop and RnB releases on Voice.

Digital → IRL

If you prefer to peruse art in real life, we have an opportunity for you just around the corner. Brooklyn-based NFT platform Voice is partnering with Bushwick’s DorDor Gallery to host an NFT showcase to kick off NFT.NYC, a major yearly conference held in Times Square.

The event will admit attendees via tickets that are — surprise! — NFTs minted on Voice.com. Only 100 will be available, but they can be resold to admit an unlimited number of attendees. The Voice community will get first access to tickets, so make sure you’ve created your account.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Voice and Gothamist staff.