In news that puts the sexual revolution back a few paces, Gothamist was surprised to hear that there's a re-virginization surgery for those desperate to seem "virginal" to their future husbands. The Post reports on a Queens clinic that helps what seem mostly to be a Latina clientele reattach their hymens to "pass for virgins again." The surgery, "hymenoplasty," is popular in South America and the Middle East, but with role models like Britney Spears expounding on her virginity while dating Justin Timberlake, Gothamist can see why America seems like the next logical market. One patient who had the surgery to continue the charade of being a virgin with her husband told the Post," It hurt even more than originally losing my virginity...My worst fear in life is him finding out...I'll take this to my grave." Sounds like a great move, starting their marriage on a lie.

Of course, Gothamist is linking to Madonna's Like a Virgin - there is nothing else we can do.