We have just been alerted that Tori Amos's album Little Earthquakes turned twenty years old this year. That's right, songs like "Crucify," "Happy Phantom," and "Tear In Your Hand" came out two decades ago, and if you know this album well enough to know those songs, then we should talk about how we feel about all that at our next early bird dinner/sewing circle (did Ann Lo tell you she couldn't make it? What a liar.).

To celebrate Amos's amazing debut solo album, Matchless in Brooklyn will be hosting a free Little Earthquakes event. From our inbox:

"On Sept 26 (9:30 p.m.) at Bar Matchless, Last Weds resident DJ Russ curates a night to celebrate the wonderful and weird word that Tori Amos unleashed with that record (and with her entire career). Expect to hear Tori, NIN, and everything connected to the Amos world. Themed attire, horses, donut holes, wings, everything and everything welcome."

Here she is right after the album release in 1992, singing "Tear In Your Hand":

And here's a full Tori concert from 1997, which took place at Madison Square Garden:

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