Photo by Ben Rowland

Before your precious Lady Gaga shoved a fake penis down her spandex or set her first piano on fire, Tori Amos was out there pushing the limits — making conservatives uncomfortable and religious brethren blush (in '96 she told Spin: “I wanted to marry Lucifer. Even though I had a crush on Jesus.").

Last night the songstress performed at the SPINHouse Live series in the mag's office on Broadway and Canal, delivering six songs in front of an intimate crowd — four from her latest release Midwinter Graces. While it would have been nice to hear an oldie (from the '90s... not the '80s), it's hard to be anything but 100% enraptured by the redhead. Here was her setlist: "Ophelia" > "Wednesday" > "A Silent Night With You" > "Star of Wonder" > "Pink and Glitter" > "Snow Angel"

We have some of our short, iPhone-recorded video after the jump, and there should be some higher quality stuff up at Spin sometime today. Tonight Tori is playing a secret show in NYC, which will be taped for the Public Television series "Live from the Artists Den."