Last week, NBC dramatic warhorse Law & Order continued its "ripped from the headlines" mantra and filmed a crash at Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard at West 151st Street that resembled this past summer's Taconic State Parkway wrong-way crash that left eight people dead. In the Taconic incident, mother of two Diane Schuler was apparently drunk and high when she rammed her minivan—carrying her two children and three nieces—into a car carrying three adults, killing everyone, except Schuler's young son. The Post says the L&O crash features a "Chevy Astro minivan -- packed with kids -- north in the southbound lane of the boulevard, causing a fiery crash that leaves the minivan and another car burned to a crisp."

Michael Bastardi Jr., who father and brother were killed in the other car, along with a family friend, told the Post that the show is "should not draw any conclusions -- because they don't know what happened yet. We're still waiting for the police reports... I hope ["Law & Order"] displays the horror of it, how evil it is -- for a drunken mom high on marijuana to get in a van with five kids." Schuler's husband claims his wife was not drunk or high and his spokesman said NBC "is highlighting a very sensational story for their own ratings."

In the meantime, the Bastardi family met with the Westchester DA, asking her to convene a grand jury.