Apparently, there was cause of worry about what kind of exampes these women from Sex and the City were, what with their high fashion, fruity drinks, and dating different men. Because the Post finds a few women who have decided to model their lives on the characters of the hit HBO show, to the point of realizing that the jobs are crappy and there's a lot of debt to be had. These must be the girls who got the Rachel haircut when Friends came out or wanted the prom dress Kelly wore on 90210 (full disclosure: Gothamist's friends were ones who shouted "Donna Martin graduates" at graduation). Then there are the women who angrily say, "I was doing those things before the show!" or "I've had it with the over-sexed, over-spending, frivolously shallow personas of these New York women - and the real women on the street trying to emulate that lifestyle. There's nothing sexy about it." Over sexed, over spent, and frivolously shallow – hey, isn't that why you moved to NY anyway?

The Times talks to the SATC cast and crew and some regular women (boring!) about the show's end. Lynn Harris, a Gothamist favorite because she created Breakup Girl says, "I will die happy if I never hear somebody say, `Your life is so "Sex and the City."' I guess it's better than hearing that your life is so `Oz.'" Again, says you.

Live the Sex and the City high life with a champagne flute etched with "SATC" that just screams "classy!"

As for last night's episode, Gothamist would like to say "More Anthony/Mario Cantone, more Harry, more bitter Miranda!"