Somebody got a case of the Mondays? Yeah, we just said that. Luckily there is plenty going on tonight to provide a happy transition in to Tuesday...

•Brian DeGraw (of the band Gang Gang Dance) is one of the many deejays who will set the atmosphere at the Bicycle Film Festival Winter Party tonight. Luckily, since it's 60 degrees out, you can bike over and make use of the bike valet! There are no screenings but the Brooklyn Lager will pour freely from 10:30 to 11:30 and may just inspire you to submit your own film for 2006. The deadline is February 17th!

Tonight // 10pm to 4am // Lit [93 2nd Ave] // Free

2006_01_arts_baldwinsimpson.jpg•The Oxonian Society has snagged one of the more famous Baldwins to speak tonight. That's right, Alec is here to enlighten us (there he is to the right as portrayed in the Simpsons). What's he got to say? According to the events page he's outspoken on public policy, environmentalism, the government’s support of the arts, campaign finance reform, animal rights and gun control and his brothers roles in the phenomena that is the D-List celebrity reality series. He'll be there talking for a good hour and 15 minutes.

Tonight // 6:30 to 7:30pm // update It turns out the event it at the Princeton Club of New York [15 West 43rd Street] and that it's TOMORROW and it's SOLD, all we can say is pencil in a date to stalk Alec Baldwin for tomorrow (have you seen his official website?)

•Last but not least, and perhaps most important of starts Tax Free Week! So get out there and shop, New Yorkers.

Today through February 5th // Citywide!

Us? We'll likely be at home watching our favorite new sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. It takes place in NYC...and is about people our age who drink and go out and don't just sit around a coffee shop all day when they aren't in their totally unrealistically large apartment.