Tonight at Smithfield, Jon and Mario are resuming One Small Step, their monthly DJ gig. As Jon puts it, it's like "Pulp meets Modest Mouse meets Nightmares on Wax." Or from their e-mail: "It's on...10pm-2am...indie, britpop, beats, sexuality and mangina all night long." And that's right up Gothamist's alley. Excellent.

For further enticement, Smithfield has an outdoor area...where smoking is allowed. Smithfield, 115 Essex St. between Rivington and Delancey

Gothamist also loves Jon's project, A Day in the Life, where each week a different photographer from a different part of the world posts a new photograph every day. This week, Mark Howells of Berner Oberland, Switzerland, has posted some of the most gorgeous images yet, and we've only seen three.