Last night Gothamist waited an hour in the rain at Tribeca Film Festival, as only a few volunteers handled the long lines for ticket pick up. Although we were drenched and missed our movie, we did get to see Kermit the Frog dressed in a suit (hugging Robert Deniro) as well as Stella's Michael Showalter (we held back from screaming Wet Hot American Summer lines) before presenting his romantic comedy The Baxter, which you can preview here.


This year the festival has an exciting lineup, but it understaffed and crowded. We suggest either arriving before 5:00 PM or grabbing a fun friend for the long wait in the ticket-pick-up line.
Some of tonight's highlights include:

Premonition 10:30 PM RC7 - Norio Tsuruta’s (creator of the Ring films) classic thriller trades in videotapes for newspapers which predict deaths.
The American Ruling Class at 4:00 PM TC1 - Harper Magazine’s Lewis Lapham sets out to discover whether America really has a controlling class through interviews with intellectuals, politicians, CEOS, Kurt Vonnegut, Walter Cronkite, and Robert Altman, in addition to a musical number.
Conventioneers at 6:15 PM RC1 In this Romeo & Juliet meets CNN’s Republican National Convention coverage, two kids – one a Republican delegate, the other a fierce Democrat protestor – find love amidst a city with way too many Republicans roaming the streets.
Alchemy 6:30 PM RC2 - Tom Cavanagh (Ed, Urinetown) plays a university computer scientists who tries to make a woman fall for an interactive computer before she succumbs to a professor.

Transamerica 7:30 PM RC7 – In this bizarre comedy, Felicity Huffman plays a transsexual woman who learns that when she was a he, he fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling the NYC streets who needs help moving to California.
The Lady in Question in Charles Busch – 7:15 PM A portrait of drag queen Charles Busch from his East Village start to his Broadway numbers.
How to Eat Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It) 9:00 PM PACE
- A portrait of indie filmmaker/author/actor Melvin Van Peebles through clips, photos, and interviews, including one with Spike Lee.
Adam & Steve 9:30 PM RC2 - In what sounds like a DETAILS article, a gay man gets reacquainted with a former one night stand in this “raunchy” comedy featuring Parker Posy and Chris Kattan.
Ushpizin 10:00 PM RC6 - This Israeli film follows a ultra-orthodox couple who pray for help in their financial crisis and instead receive two strangers with criminal pasts.
7 Dwarves 11:00 PM RC9 – A remake of the fairy tale classic, this German blockbuster retells the story as seven bachelors living alone in a female-free forest until Snow White and her step-mother problems arrive.