This post is brought to you by Wingit.


Saddled with high expectations, New Year's Eve always seems to underdeliver. And if you really drop the ball and put off finding plans, you'll get to settle at the last second for your college roommate's friend's sister's cocktail party in Park Slope. No one wants that.

Instead of settling, get the app called Wingit. It scours social media feeds to give you a list of things happening right now, near you. Since it's the coolest stuff nearby, it makes it super easy to improvise while your indecisive friends stand around waiting for you to save the day.

In its latest update, Wingit's improved their timeline feature so you can see what's happening even faster. The new design incorporates all of an event's details into one image that fits onto your phone's screen: date, time, location and who's going. It's more intuitive, beautiful, and easy.

This year, say no to getting lost in Bushwick or crashing your lawyer friend's grownup party—use Wingit to find stuff you actually want to do this New Year's!

Download Wingit for iOS or Android.