As we thought more about scientific allegations that today, January 24, would be a terribly dreary day for the soul, we remembered a cure: That Gothamist's former objet de stalking and now friend, Todd Barry, had a new comedy album, Falling off the Bone. Now, we're hardly partial, as we've been fans of Todd's wry observations of life for a long time, but who doesn't love a bit about watermelon yarmulke? Or how good the new Wilco album is? Plus, he makes fun of blogs, and you know you can't have too much of that. So whether you're depressed today or happy tomorrow, we highly recommend a little Todd Barry for your listening and funny bone pleasure.

You can buy Falling Off The Bone here at Comedy Central's shop or at Amazon, where you can hear some clips. And Gawker Stalkers say he's easy on the eyes. Todd can be seen at Fez tomorrow night (part of Stella) and at the Gotham Comedy Club on Friday and Saturday.