How many words does it take to say your employee didn't do his job and lied to you?

The Wall Street Journal says it took the Times 14,500 words in the "comprehensive" account; "article of more than 7,200 words." The Washington Post/Newsday/Baltimore Sun say 13,800. Financial Times - 10,000.

Official count from The New York Times:
6,630 words in the front-page article and its two-page jump
7,397 words in the two-page examination of Blair's flawed articles
14,027 total (plus a 402-word "Editor's Note")

[Via Editor & Publisher]

This is just the story that keeps giving:
Post no-no- CNN says Jayson Blair spoke to a friend/CNN staffer
- The Daily News glees in pointing out that the Post had published a plagiarized article about Kathie-Lee last week. Two things: (1) The freelancer (not an employee) plagiarized from the National Enquirer(!); and (2) After so many bits of wrong information from the Post over the years, and it's position as a tabloid, Gothamist is not at all surprised.
- Gothamist on Jayson Blair