There've been a lot of bizarre architectural ideas over the years—this sunken Central Park, for instance, or this Carnegie Hall skyscraper, or the labyrinth of death that is currently Penn Station. Here's a new one: an architect has proposed building a bridge that would stretch from the High Line to a man-made island on the Hudson River. spoke reported this week on Eytan Kaufman, the octogenarian architect who proposed this bridge-dream. Kaufman is "practically retired" and probably won't spearhead any of this himself. But the "Hub on the Hudson" renderings look cool at least, showing the bridge connecting to a 9-acre circular island (“supported on deep high-capacity caissons anchored into bedrock,” according to Kaufman) boasting five Hearst Tower-esque buildings and an outdoor park.

Kaufman's other proposed ideas include the NY Harbor Bridge, which would connect Manhattan to Governor's Island; the Hudson World Bridge, which would stretch from the Westside Highway to New Jersey; and the World Bridge, which was intended to occupy the 16-acre former World Trade Center site.

Anyway, before you start planning your Hudson River Island Bridge People's Pops franchise cart, note that Kaufman doesn't necessarily see this becoming a reality. "It’s something that I was hoping… would come to the public domain, where people can voice their opinions, how they feel about it," he told DNAinfo, having apparently never spent time in an online article's comments section.