This post is brought to you by .nyc.


Today is the big day. After a long campaign by the City and the long approval process from the domain name regulating body, ICANN, the .nyc domain name is now available for millions of New Yorkers to purchase.

This is a significant milestone in the history of the City, and the Internet. New York is one of the first cities with its own city-wide domain, and it is the only city to limit the purchase to locals. It takes a little something extra to make it here, and that’s why the City wanted to make sure the web address was reserved exclusively for New Yorkers. Only people, businesses, and organizations with a physical address within the five boroughs can register one.

The .nyc web address is a new and powerful way to show the world you’re here, and you’re part of what makes this city great. To search for your .nyc web address, visit to see if it’s available. Then you will be able to choose a retailer (referred to as a registrar) and follow the process to complete the registration. Don’t miss out on this chance to grab a piece of New York City’s digital real estate.