One sign that despite the horrifying damage that Hurricane Sandy continues to bring to New York, the Capital of the World is slowly but surely getting back to business as usual? Our famous lines of people are coming back. And not just those lines for food, water, mass transit and gas. Nope. We're also seeing lines for silly things again—like SNL stand-by tickets. And, of course, Apple products. Yes, that is right, people were online for the new iPad mini this morning. Huzzah!

The lines for the latest product from the popular fruit company weren't quite what recent ones have been—understandably—but they were still reportedly hundreds deep. So why are people bothering to wait? What else do they have to do! "I’m down by Union Square, and there’s no electricity," Eytan Friedman explained to the Journal. And without heat or power, "it’s just very hard to sleep, so I figured I’d get up early and get my new iPad rather than lie in bed and stare at the ceiling."

At first we were a little shocked people would be waiting in line for something as trivial as a tablet amidst real life horror. And then we were a little comforted by it. New Yorkers are getting back to being New Yorkers. Next thing you know we'll all be lining up for free vibrators again.